Vincent Bernat

All my projects are hosted on GitHub. Here are a few of them:

  • lldpd is a 802.1AB daemon. It sends and receives LLDP frames which enables remote L2 equipments to determine which equipment is remotely present. These frames contain information like the equipment name, the port name, VLAN, etc.

  • Akvorado is a flow collector and visualizer. It receives flows (Netflow/IPFIX and sFlow), hydrates them with interface names, geo-related information, and exports them to Kafka, then ClickHouse. It also exposes a web interface to browse the collected data. Check the demo website!

  • network-lab is a disparate set of networking labs I maintain to test various stuff. Many articles on my blog are backed by such a lab. See “Network lab with QEMU” for details.

  • hellogopher is a Makefile for Go projects. See “A Makefile for your Go project” for details.

  • Snimpy is a Python tool targeted at writing simple tools using SNMP queries. It features a very pythonic interface and any Python developer should feel at home with it. Have a look at “Snimpy: SNMP & Python” for details.

  • eudyptula-boot boots a Linux kernel in a VM without a dedicated root filesystem. It’s useful for quick tests or to develop and debug around the Linux kernel. See “Eudyptula Challenge: superfast Linux kernel booting” for details.

  • jchroot is an enhanced chroot using Linux namespaces to provide more isolation. See “jchroot: chroot with more isolation” for details.

  • Wiremaps is a network discovery application. It will browse your network and gather information from LLDP, EDP, CDP, FDB and ARP tables using SNMP. It also includes a wayback machine to know where an equipment was plugged before it disappeared. It’s unfortunately currently unmaintained.

  • Dashkiosk is a solution to manage dashboards on multiple screens. It provides an administration interface and a set of receivers, including a web application, an Android application, and a Chromecast application. See “Dashkiosk: manage dashboards on multiple displays” for details. It is currently unmaintained.