Dashkiosk: manage dashboards on multiple displays

Vincent Bernat

Dashkiosk is a solution to manage dashboards on multiple displays. It comes in four parts:

  1. A server will manage the screens by sending URL to be displayed. A web interface enables an administrator to configure groups of dashboards and attach them to a set of displays.

  2. A receiver runs in a browser attached to each screen. On start, it contacts the server and waits for the URL to display.

  3. An Android application provides a simple fullscreen webview to display the receiver.

  4. A Chromecast custom receiver which will run the regular receiver to display dashboards using Google Chromecast devices. The server is able to drive Chromecast devices through nodecastor, a reimplementation of the sender API.

For a demo, have a look at the following video:

Updated (2023-06)

I haven’t had the time to maintain Dashkiosk for several years now. It relies on many out-of-date libraries and is now difficult to build on a modern system.