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Vincent Bernat

I am Vincent Bernat. I currently work for Free Mobile 📱, a French ISP and telecom provider. In the past, I worked for Orange ☎️, Dailymotion 📺, Deezer 🎧, Exoscale ☁️, and Shadow 🎮. I like cats 🐈.

The main content of this site is my blog. The latest articles are “Short feedback on Cisco pyATS and Genie Parser,” “Switching to the i3 window manager,” and “ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 7): 2 years later.” The most popular article is “Coping with the TCP TIME-WAIT state on busy Linux servers.”

This site does not use cookies. IP addresses are scrambled before being logged. Therefore, no personal data is collected. See “A more privacy-friendly blog” for details.

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