Hacking the Geberit Sigma 70 flush plate

Vincent Bernat

My toilet is equipped with a Geberit Sigma 70 flush plate. The sales pitch for this hydraulic-assisted device praises the “ingenious mount that acts like a rocker switch.” In practice, the flush is very capricious and has a very high failure rate. Avoid this type of mechanism! Prefer a fully mechanical version like the Geberit Sigma 20.

After several plumbers, exchanges with Geberit’s technical department, and the expensive replacement of the entire mechanism, I was still getting a failure rate of over 50% for the small flush. I finally managed to decrease this rate to 5% by applying two 8 mm silicone bumpers on the back of the plate. Their locations are indicated by red circles on the picture below:

Geberit Sigma 70 flush plate. Top: the mechanism that converts the mechanical
press into a hydraulic impulse. Bottom: the back of the plate with the two
places where to apply the bumpers.
Geberit Sigma 70 flush plate. Above: the mechanism installed on the wall. Below, the back of the glass plate. In red, the two places where to apply the silicone bumpers.

Expect to pay about 5 € and as many minutes for this operation.